Portable Band Saw Stand

Portable Band Saw Stand

Today’s Video is about making a portable band saw stand.

Swag Off Road makes a professional looking aluminum stand for both Milwaukee, and DeWalt portable band saws and I would probably be better off to just buy one rather than make one… Problem is I don’t have either Milwaukee or Dewalt.

I was actually considering buying a used Milwaukee portable band saw off Craigslist just to make this video, but then I remembered I was low on cash and I remembered my machinist friend has a Porter Cable “portaband” and he agreed to let me build a stand for it. It’s going to come in very handy at his machine shop for quick cuts of round stock and for small sheet metal pieces.

I found a whole bunch of different ideas at different forums for Milwaukee, DeWalt, and even Harbor Freight, but none for a Porter Cable…

So I was left to my own devices… uh-oh. That usually means for serious Jerry Rigging. (jerry rigged= organized or constructed in a crude or improvised manner)

I didn’t want a saw stand where I had to remove screws and replace the stock before using the saw as a portable band saw.

So I designed mine to act like a cradle where I can remove it and put it back in the stand with no muss or fuss.

Also, in an effort to mix things up and be able to talk about more things. I used TIG, MIG, and Stick.

So here is the summary…

• Building a Cradle type stand for a portable band saw
• Tig welding using a 309 ss rod for hot rolled steel,
• mig welding downhill and sideways
• And an example of why I like 6011 better than 6013 for stick welding with an AC buzz box.

Watch the Video and let me know if you have any other ideas for making a portable band saw stand.

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  1. Great job! Avoiding warping is what i need for now. Thanks for that!

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  4. Nice job Jody — I am really trying to learn how to stick weld, but your other videos teach me a lot along the way. Example, how to plan for or avoid warping and distortion in the finished job.

  5. Great Video Jody,
    I love watching your videos as they are so clear and easy to understand. I have been welding for thirty years with a stick and Oxy and are now moving into Tig ad Mig as well.
    Your videos have helped me gain so much valuable insight it is not funny.
    Keep posting good videos mate.

    Retired worker

  6. I’m a welding student and I liked this video very much. Instructional videos on the basics of welding are great. It all makes sense when you see these techniques used in a project. Especially, when you have to make adjustments as the project goes on.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  7. Russell Bowling

    October 14, 2011 at 6:39 PM

    Good video, suggestion for a video Barrell smoker, I made one and it does not work so well, maybe I could get some better information if you made one.

    Russ Bowling
    Welding Instructor

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