Miller Plasma Cutter + Miller Fume Extractor + DIY DownDraft Cutting Table = Better Shop

Miller Fume Extractor

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This is the final video on the DIY downdraft table. At least I think it is.

Maybe I will add some gussets to the handle… but maybe not. It seems to work fine and I am not likely to load it up with a 5000 lb plate anyway.

I am working on getting some drawings made and will post them on this page when they are done, but I believe there is plenty of info already in the videos to give someone a jump start in building their own downdraft table.

As I said before, this would be a great project for any welding school. It provides some opportunity to teach about welding fumes, fabrication techniques, distortion, angle calculations… and when you are done, you have a piece of equipment that will come in handy for years to come and make the shop a better and safer work environment.

Best of all, it’s a safety item. More likely to be approved if that’s part of the process.

I made this downdraft table to connect to a Miller Fume extractor. But there are other options.

For example, Northern Tool sells an 8 inch utility fan and flex duct that could be used to exhaust fumes far away from the breathing zone… like out the door.

I tested it out using some paper towels and every bit of smoke got sucked down the table… none escaped.

The Miller fume extractor works better than I had hoped for. It pulls a good enough draw on the table top, that I won’t be worried about cutting anything at all… even galvanized steel (if it pays good enough).

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  1. Showing this project to my group of 2nd year apprentices, we need another extractor bench for the college workshop, so the lads are going to make one of these when their college projects are complete
    Dont forget that when that tray is full of iron fillings and dust, to seive them, then sprinkle the fillings on your lawn,”great for keeping the moss at bay”.

    Many thanks.

  2. Richard at your tender age I was starting over again. In fact for someone entrepreneurial in spirit age is not the issue. Desire and commitment will always win the day. I am and tuning unprofessional welding skills with the help of Jody and just completed a trailer for my son whois in Afghanistan fighting for my right to chase what ever dream I come up with. Sorry I can’t post the picture, but every time I had an issue I came in and watched that problem solved by Jody. I put the videos to good use, trailer gets delivered when my son returns in July, God willing. Dan

  3. Richard Lopez

    May 23, 2012 at 12:33 PM

    Jody, on behalf of your viewers, thank you for your talent same and insight on welding. At 48, I find myself at a cross-road of a career path change and am seriously looking into welding. Do you have any advise for us young at heart adults on the trades?

    Thanks again

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