Welding Certification Test – 6g 2 inch Schedule 80 – Part 1 Root Pass

6g 2 inch Schedule 80

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Taking your first pipe welding certification test is a big deal.

It’s a big deal because it is kind of like a right of passage into becoming a self sufficient person.

It’s a job, it’s an opportunity to learn more and become a better welder, and an opportunity to learn more skills than just welding.

Like I said… it’s a big deal.

But even if it is not your first welding certification test, it is still a big deal. I know folks who have taken dozens of welding cert tests and still get nervous.

The very fact that it is a test means that there is a possibility you could fail.

Nobody likes to fail. It is a humbling experience. Especially when you are really needing a paycheck and passing the test is the only way to get one.

So that is what this series is about. Tips to help you pass a 6g welding test.

Let me clear up a few points in the video. ( I got an email from a fellow cwi who works as a welding test administrator and he brought these points to my attention, so I thought I would share them):

  • the spacers are not really necessary for small diameter pipe like this. But they are super handy in the field or for larger diameter pipe.
  • Some welding certification test supervisors will allow you to use 2 tacks if you prefer. ( but when fitting a joint like this up in the field, sometimes 4 tacks is necessary.)
  • some welding test supers limit the length of your tack welds. ( presumably to prevent you from nearly welding most of the root on the bench with long tack welds)
  • A tig finger is only necessary if your fingers are made of flesh and bones. If you are superman or like having your fingers smoke before you get to the tie in, you don’t need one. LOL

I used a 1/8″ gap with a very small land for both root pass techniques.

For the lay wire technique about 85-95 amps seems to be about right.

For the keyhole dip technique, about 70-75 amps using a 3/32″ rod seems good.

I used a #7 cup and about 20 cfh of argon because I had to extend the electrode a bit further than usual for filming purposes.

I will admit, filming this joint is kicking my butt. A 6g welding certification test is hard enough without putting a camera in the way.
No excuses… I am just glad I am having some success and can give some decent arc shots.

I hope it will help someone to pass a test, get a job, and get a big hug from their significant other… maybe even more than a hug.

Peace out.

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  1. jody with your help and my hardwork i will succeed to get job insha allah God bless you
    thanks for guiding me

  2. Jody, what is the approximate torch angle in relation to the center line of the pipe? As you progress around the pipe.

  3. Why are you not producing the thin line down the center of the root pass?

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