Mig like Tig like ZTfab – Part 1


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Mig like Tig like ZT fab is what this weekly video is all about.

Over at WeldingWeb.com there is a long thread on the topic “Mig like Tig”.

There is a guy with username ZTfab who can make some of the prettiest “stacked dime” mig welds you ever saw.

Personally, I would really like to know how to do it. Not because I think mig welds that look like tig welds are any better quality wise. In fact, it’s entirely possible that mig welds that have the stack of dime appearance are in fact inferior to smoother mig welds that have been welded with hotter settings.

Still, ZTfab’s mig like tig technique is cool and something I would like to learn.

I have tried and tried. But so far, have not been able to duplicate that look. And that bothers me. Enough that I am asking everyone to chime in with opinions and pictures.

And you can do that over at forum.weldingtipsandtricks.com.

This forum is made possible by a lot of knowledgeable and helpful folks who want to learn and help others learn about welding and I think if we put our heads together, we can figure out this “mig like tig” thingy.

Now, back to the whole quality thing. The fact that a weld has uniform and distinct ripples does not automatically make it a good weld. But it does give people the impression that the weld is good.

What is that worth?

Well, if a customer wants a certain appearance to a weld, it might be worth a lot.

I can definitely think of at least 1 example of a business that is able to charge premium prices for their work mostly due to the unique appearance of the welds.

It’s Marcella Manifolds.

Check this out: http://marcellamanifolds.net/images/IMG_0336rev0rev0.jpg

Have you ever seen John Marcella’s work?

It is Art.

His welds on aluminum intakes for race cars and hot rods is simply awe inspiring. It makes me want to go practice right now.

Does that mean his welds will hold up better than his competitors? Who knows?

But they sure are beautiful. And he is able to command a good price because his welding sets his product apart.

So while I might mig like mig right now, I hope to figure it out with help from others and when I do, I will share it with you in a video.

So stay tuned for Mig like Tig – Part 2.

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  1. Robert,
    285 ipm refers to the rate that the wire is coming out of the mig nozzle. Also referred to as wire speed.
    The welder then chooses the appropriate voltage for the selected wire speed.

  2. On you part 1 of mig like a tif you show ” 285 ipm”. IF that 285 inches per minute it is 23 feet and 3/4.?? please tell me what that means.
    Thanks ,Robert.

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