PlasmaCam Downdraft Chute


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  1. Jody, Love the videos. Keep them coming. Just bought the Plasmacam cutting table and watched your video on the down draft chute. Is there another one that I cant find? I would love to see it.

  2. Jody…Hopefully you will show us the rest of your work on the Plasmacam chute. I have had a Plasmacam for 10years and have considered making a chute and didn’t because it was too bulky. Using your idea of the hinges is a great idea.Pat

  3. Hi Jody,
    Been following your excellent videos for some time and thank you for them!
    I’m writing to let you know for the last couple of videos I cannot expand them to full screen, clicking the full screen “button” changes the “button” to shrink but doesn’t change the size, clicking again has no further effect. I’m relatively computer illiterate, so those who know such things may be able to help find the problem.
    Thanks Again.

  4. what is arc welding cellulosic? i’m from France so i need to know the casteristique

  5. thanks wash the video God bless you !

  6. I don’t know why you didn’t use your plasma cam machine to cut all the parts. I have a similar design chute and cut it all with my machine. I do have plans on ebay for replacement grates. If you do any cutting at all it will save you from buying some replacement slats from plasmacam. BTW nice videos. Keep up the great work. Also I like the weld finger, comes in handy. T.

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