Gravy TIG Welding: Part 1

TIG Welding


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  1. Got a question on getting the blue weld burns off of stainless what would be the best way

  2. I just received a news letter email from WeldMonger thanking me for my previous purchases, & letting me know of a good price for the 2014 series.
    It says it that sales help Jody keep his video show going. & he’s right. He gives something to get something.
    I look forward to the weekly video.
    I think the weekly video is a small relief from the serious current affairs, the fragile state of World Politics & religion. The silly group email jokes, the next utilities bill, the annoying advertising from companies we have never bought anything from, & the cost of living in general.
    As I said in my other comments, I have the 2011/2012/2013 dvd series. They are handy to have. & I think it’s more comfortable to sit on the couch, with a beer & flick through them with a remote.
    When you work a 12 hour shift through the night by your self, it gives you time for serious thought. Some of the information & books & products I have seen on weldingTipsAndTricks have been an eye opener. These are items I would have never know of otherwise.
    I would probably still be cutting fingers from my old welding gloves to wear over my new glove fingers.
    I would have never heard of the J.F.Lincoln Welding Foundation.
    I wouldn’t have bought my self a LaSquare. ( I needed metric, so I bought straight from LaGesse)
    I have been using some of the welding hand techniques Jody does. It’s good to watch him weld. If you tried that at work, watching the guy’s welding techniques next to you, he probably threaten violence, we all welders hate someone standing there watching us.
    I’ve tried some of the practice pieces Jody does.
    Welding for a living can become monotonous, or even soul crushing if you let it. I have improved parts of my welding, & even taken more of an interest in the industry since I have been watching these videos.
    There is an opinion from outside the trade, that welding practitioners are D.F.W’s ( dumb f#%k welders).
    But it’s not true at all. Welding is more than a trade, It is a science.
    After 18-19 years of pulling a trigger, it’s been good to add new life to my career.
    Thanks Mate

  3. You make all those Tig settings easy to understand Jody.
    It can seem daunting when we first start, & don’t fully understand the terminology in the operator manual, & welding lingo.
    A lot of Welders keep tricks & knowledge to them selves, like its a guild.
    Not you though. You give it away for nothing.
    You would of been a good man to work along side of, as an apprentice.
    I did my apprenticeship around hard secretive tradesmen. Quick to critise, Slow to understand & explain. As if we were born with Fabrication Knowledge, & I was purposely trying to give them the shits, by doing a half arse job.
    I try to pass on tips & techniques to apprentices in a kind & fair way. It’s a tough job, & it’s made worse by working around angry critical men.
    I have your DVDs from 2011/2012/2013. I occasionally go back through them. There is information in there that I never learned. I will be purchasing 2014 shortly, when I sell the last of my Tig Finger stock, & make my next order.
    I asked Lyn a few months ago if she could let me know when the 2014 dvd was ready. & She did via email. That was nice. You must do 1000’s of orders?
    But She remembered. You have a good family business going on.
    I just finished a 12 night shift. 4pm – 4am. I know I’m getting a bit philosophical, but I’ve been on the tools all night, with my own thoughts. it’s nearly 5am in South Australia.
    This video arrived just as I sat down, after getting home & sitting down with a brew.
    Keep up the good work Mate.

  4. Mr J Cook MAWTE MCEI

    March 10, 2015 at 2:07 PM

    Walking the Cup….. In 1960 I was in the R&D Welding Development section of the UK atomic Energy. we were building a New UF6 Enrichment reactor <All Monel400. There were lots of Flanges to Tube Fillets, A tungsten touch down could cause problems with HF acid. So I rested the Ceramic shield on the flange ,pushed the tungsten back to clear the pool. The rest is now History. It just seemed to be the logical thing to do to produce a neat and clean fillet. And now you call it walking the CUP?? I trained the 6 welders in my section to do this Method. and trained more when I was Group welding Engr., for Tubular Structures, When did you start using this method???? I would be very interested to hear your comments and time. I'm now 83 years old!!!

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