MIG Welding Using Co2 Gas – Lincoln Power MIG 210mp

MIG Welding Co2 Gas


  1. Hey Jody,
    Good video on gases and running too cold.
    Very cool that you can bend test and go back to the original welding video shot in one video.
    Thanks, Shamy

  2. I watch that bead go in and it just makes me hate (ya right!) these new welding machines. The arc is so smooth and the transfer so clean. I have an old MM250 (that I rescued out from under a shade tree in some redneck’s yard, who knows how many years it sat there!) which those of you that have used one know, has a fairly harsh arc and a very narrow sweet spot. Maybe more practice is in order for me. But dang I like the way that lincoln Jody is using runs that wire in! But if CO2 typically results in more spatter, there would be very little chance I’d try it on my big ole beast wire feeder. I do, however, like the penetration.

  3. H Jack Morgan

    June 2, 2015 at 1:46 PM

    They just keep getting better.
    I’m heading out to the shop to make a bend tester out of the salvaged
    1 1/2″ SS propeller shaft that I saved from my fishing days.
    Thanks for what you, it’s much appreciated.

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