Carbide Precipitation and Tig Welding a Keyway

Tig Welding

Carbide Precipitation is something that occurs when Austenitic 300 series stainless steels are held at an elevated temperature for a period of time. you know…like when you weld a stainless shaft and have to fill the keyway with weld metal.


  1. Jody, You had mentioned that you were looking for a way to cut material but not on a “chop” saw with an abrasive disc. I bought a miter saw made in Australia for a couple of hundred dollars that had about a 7 or 8 ” saw blade with carbide cutters silver braised on to the steel disc. The end result is an extremely accurate cut. I usually take a scratch awl to make my line. It will cut within 1/64 ” every time. And it is not in the price range of the cold saws at $800-1,000.00. The saw is packed up in the shop out back, but I will dig it out if you are interested. My cell number is 432-284-1533 as well. The best to you!

  2. So how many times did you whack your head off of that mitered square tubing? Lol

  3. Does’t carbine precip. happen to varing extents when welding any carbine based metal, grey cast for example?

  4. Hey Jodie, fantastic vids mate, very educational & inspiring.
    Quick question , did a very brief course (6hrs) on tig welding and our instructor said that you cannot allow the electrode to touch the metal as it will become contaminated and will need resharpening, is that true?
    Cheers , all the way from Australia

    • Werner Van Calster

      December 4, 2015 at 12:05 PM

      Hoi Brian,
      maybe none of my beeswax but, your teacher is right. Not that it would be a problem, if there was a piece of metal in your weld pool , but it is so they tungsten and iron do not mix at these temperatures, so the piece of tungsten stays loose from the iron/stainless/ aluminium/copper and when it heats and cools a few times, it wil sit loose in his place ( if that is on the outside, it will even fall out) creating a bubble from where stress cracks will form. Solution: if you have touched with your tungsten on your base material or even your filler metal either grind or cut of or out leaving no room for errors. if you have a scratch start tig: put your filler metal to you base metal , scratch on your filler metal in direction of your base metal. leave the arc at your base metal and flip your filler rod. so there will be no contamination. watch out which side you start of next or there will be contaminates.

  5. Very good and informational video, as usual. This is an occurrence that even a lot of professional craftsmen and welders do not understand. Keep the jewels as low as possible while TIG welding stainless steel and life will be much easier! Thanks again Jody, keep up the good work!

  6. Video was all good as usual.
    Just wanted to say when I’m not under the welding lid,
    I like to have Kathy Igar in my thoughts & day dreams. Kathy is off working in the Medical scene in Saudi Arabia.
    She’s braver than me working there,
    Keep smiling Kathy Girl, It suits you

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