Open Welding Cart project part3 and plasma cutting

plasma cutting

In this video you will see:

A quick review of some tig welding and mig welding done in parts 1 and 2

A quick review of the AHP alpha cut 60 plasma cutter

Trial run of the plasmacam cutting out the weldmonger logo.


  1. I always look forward to your weekly videos, they help me out quit a bit and since I’ve heard of you I haven’t missed one. I’m glad your feeling better and I can’t wait to see the next video. I’ve been welding since I was about 11 years old and have had a great time with it, within the last year I’ve started to get into Tig welding, I’m starting to kind of get the hang of it but could still use more tips so this year I would really like to see more videos on it.

    A few questions I have are when should I use different size cups? I usually use a number 8 gas lens but I don’t know when, or If, or how to tell when it would be better to use a different one. I’m also not sure how to tell when I should use a different size tungsten, I usually use a 3/32 and from what I understand its the best size for the majority of applications. That’s pretty much the questions I’ve got for now but will probably have more throughout the year.

    I appreciate all the time you put into making a good instructional video and can’t wait to see another year full of them.

    Happy new year!


  2. Jodi I really enjoy you videos.
    I learned alot going through weld school and love the additional tips and tricks I learn from your videos. I always learn something new and believe you never stop learning and progressing.

    Currently I run a lincoln engine driven welder until I am able to build my shop and get some power. I love field work and would love to see some work with engine driven welders and learn to maximize my Lincoln Ranger.

    Have a great new year and keep burnin that arc


  3. Jody,

    We are loving the video’s up here in Ottawa Canada. My school board and the CWA Foundation have graciously outfitted my classroom with 7 welding stations to introduce/teach high school students welding. If you know of anymore projects like the Piggy Bank that are fun and relevant projects, can you do a video with some of your ideas?
    We snagged a good picture frame project from Weldcrafts online magazine app and The Metal School. I am sure there are hundreds more out there.
    Right now the budget is tight seeing as our program is just getting up and running but in the future we would love to get some WeldMonger swag to give to the students. Perhaps we can have a weld competition and give it to the winner as a prize. I think we will order some Tig Fingers for sure, they look very useful.
    Have a great 2016! Keep up the awesome work.


  4. Hey Jody, thanks for a great wealth of knowledge, and techniques that you share in your videos. I look forward to, and apply many of the procedures you demonstrate in the videos. They have helped become a better, and more proficient welder!
    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  5. When I work at a forge we often had the welders weld up blind striped bolt holes for us. We would drill the holes to 1 1/2 – 2 inch dia maybe 5″ deep.
    Have seen it done with stick and mig.
    Would like a video on how to do this and plug welds in 1/2″+ steel

  6. Jody I respect what u do and watch your videos every week. I would like to sweet u do a 12 on 12 branch, layout to cap

  7. Jody,
    Thanks for all your efforts putting out your most excellent videos. I look forward to them and always get something new out of them.


  8. jody,

    lots of info on plasma cutters out there but not much on the most important, AIR COMPRESSORS .
    Realistically , can i use a portable compressor with a plasma cutter?
    What air compressor are you using ?
    Fixed or portable?
    How many gallons?
    What cfm?
    220 or 110 volt


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