Argon Purge Box of BBs part 2

argon purge box

this is part 2 of making a small argon purge box for tig welding small parts.

Small parts can often benefit from really good argon shielding.

titanium parts, gun parts, small machined parts that need a touch up…


  1. What about using alumina beads from an air dryer instead of BBs?
    Non conductive and heat resistant.

  2. Perhaps those ceramic or silica airsoft bbs might work better. Don’t know how heat tolerant they are.

    Thank you for the video.

  3. Like the down and dirty version. Most of us would like to have the better one but, time and money dictates all for the vast majority. Great videos! Almost all I know about welding I’ve learned here. Keep up the good work.
    I’ve purchased the Lincoln TIG 200. ( My MIG is great but ready for the next challenge… 4130!) Looking forward to more videos with that machine.

  4. How about tungsten pellets? They are an expensive solution but you’d get the high thermal conductivity and while you could melt something to them, it would be unlikely to have random alloying of tungsten into your melt pool.


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