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Silicon Bronze tig brazing rod has lots of uses.

like build up of worn areas on thin wall tubing, or joining copper alloys to themselves or steels.

But one use is for light duty fixtures.
Silicon Bronze has a much lower melting point than carbon steel and that allows for less heat input and less distortion.

Silicon bronze is also very easy to grind so its handy for prototype work where the weld might need to be removed.
But make sure to note, it is not as strong as weld metal in most applications.
one exception might be for thin wall tubing on bicycles where a large fillet can compensate for the lower tensile strength.

In this video, a small fillet was tig brazed on 1/8″ (3.2mm) thick 2″ leg angle iron.
It did not pass the JD hammer test. On the second blow, it came apart.

So while silicon bronze is pretty strong, and is strong enough for a light duty fixture, it shouldnt be counted on for structural applications.