Tig and Stick Welding Garage Door Fix

I helped a friend fix his sagging garage doors.

They need a cable and turnbuckle because the door frames are not rigid enough to handle the weight without sagging.

Tig welded the brackets using er70s-6 rod at 160 amps.

But for welding the brackets to the door frames, I used 6011 stick welding rod and a lincoln 210 mp welder.


  1. Hi Jody great vidieo alway’s learn something thank you. Jody is their a trick to getting the color when tiging I have tryed everything and my welds still don’t have the color yours alway’s do no matter what I try . How can I determan what I am doing wrong? thank you. Bill

  2. Great practical information as always and really appreciate the time you put in to make a quality video and audio production!

  3. Jody

    I really liked the way you did this little video; still has all the tech. info and some in field work to top it off.

  4. I do mostly repair work and not so much fab work so I really enjoyed this video. I also like to use 6011 on the thin skins of my bottom dump trailers. I works great downhill. As always great job!

  5. excellent video!

  6. Super, I can see the video again.

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