AHP Tig Welder using a welding Turntable

AHP Tig Welder

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This is some serious gravy work.
I have a lot of rounds parts to weld for a customer.

Any time I get round parts to weld, I prefer to use my turntable.

For this video, I am using an AHP alphatig 200x tig welder.
I bought my turntable off ebay several years ago and it is part of a welding lathe setup.
for this video, I am only using the positioner portion of the lathe but in future segments, i will set up the whole system with a tail stock and torch holder.

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  1. After 2 years of viewing your weekly videos, I no longer can view them. Whatever changes you have made make, your videos are incompatible to my machine. I am certain that I am not alone.

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