Metabo vs Cutting Torch



  1. I’d like to learn the ins and outs of tig. I mig weld every day of my life and there’s just not a lot more I feel like I need to know about it as of right now always something to learn though. To begin I wouldn’t even know how to set the welder, only tig I’ve ever done was with about 10 minutes of instruction on 12g stainless steel mesh and caught on quickly. Are there any videos I should watch that will show me from beginning to end how to set up your machine and possibly just an overlook of basic tig knowledge that everyone should know before they start?

  2. Hey jody I have been watching your videos. You do a excellent job interested in How’s you add helium in with the argon.want to start my own business I 34 years experience in mig welding steel stainless steel and aluminum and fabrication and blueprint got any good advice. Can tig but not as good as you.never was given the opportunity. To good at the rest of it

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