Stick Welding Uphill with 7018 – 3F Vertical

3F Vertical


  1. Great Video Jody!!!
    Looking forward to your upcoming vertical stringer video you mentioned.
    I am currently teaching myself Vertical stringer bead padding with 7018 1/8 and 3/32 rod.
    I burn about 15 to 20 rods a day in my carport.
    I’m running a thermal Arc 252i at home for this, but also have a Big Miller 40, and a small Bobcat welder on my job site.
    I run a small heavy equipment logging road construction company in a remote part of British Columbia’s Great Bear Rain Forest.
    There have been times now where I need a welder on site immediately for small repairs and can not wait. This is the reason for my interest in learning stick welding.
    I can now lay a vertical bead without having the puddle fall out.
    I definitely need improvement on better travel speed, and overlaying stringer beads without the dreaded undercut.
    Man does that work piece get hot on vertical when you near the top of the weld.
    Work in progress.
    I’m 48 years old, though that might be a little late in life to be picking up a stinger. I find this whole welding experience very intriguing.
    Thanks to people like yourself, you make this endeavor much more accessible.

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