Effects of Mig Welding Wire Speed Settings

Welding Wire Speed


  1. Jeremy Buchholz

    March 8, 2017 at 3:09 PM

    Jody, it would be great if you did a video featuring t-8 wire. Hobart xlr8 or comparable. It’s such an impressive wire with virtually no limitations but it’s more difficult to run without training than most wires. Who would think you could drag 1/16th inch or bigger uphill? đź‘Ť

  2. I”d like to see the same test done using the same amperage for each change of wire speed instead of a machine that automatically changes amperage.
    Thanks for all the Great Videos!!

  3. Hey Jodi I watched with great interest am guessing the drag technique with mig bare wire is common in the USA very different over here in U.K. Not common at all all mig bare wire metal core is push only inspectors will not have it dragged be interesting to see some etched done pushed

  4. Thanks again Steve

  5. Greetings,
    I am wondering if the edges of the weld section (toes) wold have equal penetration ,or appear equal ,if the weld was horizontal. Like the crown of a horizontal welded pipe joint. I am wondering if the heat rising up the vertical axis of this weld sample is effecting the penetration of the mill scale . Just sayin. Give your opinion . As usual ,a good weld test example raises much more interest and discussion. Good vid. Can’t wait till next week. That paper rippin sound of the Lincoln recommended setting tells the truth. The Lincoln engineers know what we need and are looking for.

    • Great video Jody! I am a welding Instructor and showing this video to the class
      when we start GMAW in a couple of weeks will really help explain a lot and save time.

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