Short Circuit Mig Welding Techniques

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  1. I for one HOPE that you are; sponsored, getting YouTube kickbacks, receiving free tools/gear, doing well in your store, and just doing well in general.
    You have been in the “how to video” game for quite some time now. I know because I have gone back and watched most of those old videos. I know that you have spent thousands of hours and untold amounts of money to produce the videos, instructional narratives, podcasts, APPS, …..etc. Almost EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE VIDOES AND NARRATIVES is full of information that will help somebody (or thousands of somebodies) go out and get a job that pays $50,000 or more a year.
    So in total, you have potentially helped your followers to earn hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars. I certainly cannot and will not call foul on you for telling me what machine, pencil, square, torch, …etc you are using. It’s not like you are showing me some piece of junk and telling me it’s the best thing out there. Keep on keeping on BROTHER. Earn what you can. We trust you.

    Chris. Texas. Journeyman pipe fitter/fabricator/welder(ish).

    Oh and btw : My father used to teach Tig at a university. When I showed him some of your videos, his response was “He teaches the Bechtel procedure just like I did. He teaches tungsten stick out just like I did. He teaches lay-wire, amperage progression, positioning….just like I did.”
    So how many people have you provided the opportunity at gaining a free education? The university and its staff certainly make a. buck. Why shouldn’t you?

  2. Jody,
    It sucks that people feel like they need to make these negative comments. Like mentioned before, who cares if you are sponsored. Good for you. You are sharing with us what you have found to be a good tool which is partly why we watch. You do an amazing job with these videos. I share them all the time.
    Keep doing what you are doing, you are the best!
    My Regards,

  3. I have also learned plenty for free…Have used your store before and will again…
    Thanks From South Texas…..

  4. Jody, hi my name is James and I have to say I am wounded that people are questioning you about sponsorship (who cares if you did? That’s your business and good luck to you if you did) I have learned loads and put your tips to good use for years and your Tig finger makes life so easy especially in smaĺl bore pipe you probably saved me getting 1 million blisters! I am now on the inspection side of our wonderful trade but still follow your videos religiously as your always learning in this game. I have never paid for your videos and when I was going through 3 years at college I couldn’t afford to pay anyway but I learned more from you than my tutors your tips always helped me. I hope you’re business is thriving and you have always come across as a genuine gentleman in my books.
    I wish you every success,
    A fan from Scotland.

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