Brazing Copper to Steel

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Brazing copper to steel using silver braze filler. Harris easy flo 35 and stay silv white flux. A brazing tip would have worked better but all I had available was a cutting torch.

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  1. Hi there. My name is Hassan form Egypt. I am running a small business, manufacturing components that are used in refrigerators. There is a component that is needed by a big company in Egypt. I have a problem in manufacturing it as it involves welding a steel washer with a copper tube using silver ring. If you can help me please contact me for further details. By the was this is gonna be a business.

  2. Dear Jodi
    Thank you for making such a brilliant set of videos on welding techniques. I am an experienced engineer with a B. eng in engineering same age as you but never done much welding and just bought a new tig welder LPTCA2500 you could do a review if you get one.
    I have just seen your video on Silver Brazing nice to hear somebody using the correct terminology for once. Silver brazing not silver soldering as so many use. But I thought I would share my experience with you. I have done quite a lot of Silver Brazing of very small parts. Particularly points to magneto anvils and to share a trade secret with you and you can make a little video to demonstrate it. The item to braze was a 4mmx 0.5mm platinum disc to a steel stud or anvil which was sometimes a rivet and sometimes a screw. The problem was generally too much heat and blowing of the component away wit the torch. These discs were £30 each being made of Platinum Iridium alloy. So I made a little holder which was a small 5/8″ dia x 4″ piece of steel with a hold drilled in the end to accept the screw. This was the heat sink mounted upright in a vice. Then beat a small piece of braze flat and with a small amount of flux, sandwich it between the disc and the top of the screw. Heat the 5/8″ rod and just let the heat travel up until the little disc just sat down and it was done. This way I never played the flame on the component nor blew it away. After this I never heated a silver brazed component ever again directly. I also used the flux dry, the wet flux could push the component off. Watch makers also use this technique. Infact watchmakers have some very interesting techniques for bluing of steel you might find very interesting.

    Yours sincerely
    Allister Denyer
    By the way I live in Springfield NB Canada not England.

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