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How to TIG Weld Aluminum – Part 2

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Effects of Mig Welding Wire Speed Settings

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Rocket Stove Welding Project

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WT&T Podcast Episode 32 – Ian Johnson

0:00-1:16 Introduction
1:17-3:00 Ian’s start
3:01-7:18 Lack of High School trade classes
7:19-9:32 Favorite type of work
9:33-13-:50 Welding with a camera crew
13:51-16:31 Where do you get your ideas?
16:32-19:12 What process do you use the most?
19:13-21:00 Blowing it apart
21:01-23:30 Notching tube
23:31-25:55 CNC capabilities
25:56-29:06 ESAB Crossbow
29:07-34:22 ESAB Rebel review
34:23-35:52 Investing in better tools
35:53-36:40 Not being color blind
36:41-39:25 Replacing the welder as technology improves
39:26-41:05 Your weld is your signature
41:06-44:00 4K
44:01-46:20 Deadline stress
46:21-47:36 Just have to pinch yourself
47:37-49:35 How Ian got on Xtreme Off Road
49:36-52:57 Just do it
52:58-54:13 The duck is the most peaceful…
54:14-57:06 The future of Xtreme
57:07-59:26 Instagram friends
59:27-1:01:23 The new hangout
1:01:24-1:04:45 CRAWL Magazine
1:04:46-1:08:37 FABTECH 2017
1:08:38-1:15:30 Hands on welding at FABTECH
1:15:31-1:21:05 VW Bug
1:21:06-1:21:52 Final thoughts
1:21:53-1:23:35 Closing

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ZTFab Cart build with JD

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