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TIG Welding Offset Sockets with Hastelloy W 4140

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Short Circuit Mig Welding Techniques

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WT&T Podcast Episode 39 – Knowing Your Limits

0:00-4:46 Introduction
4:46-7:59 Thoughts!
7:59-9:36 Don’t Trust Everyone
9:36-12:26 $20 is $20 or is it?
12:26-14:33 Roy’s Thoughts
14:33-15:58 Specialize in One Thing
15:58-28:33 Taking a Stretch and Risk
28:33-36:00 Using other Resources and Shops
36:00-37:57 Knowing your customers
37:57-46:26 Knowing your limits as an Employee
46:26-48:19 Believing in yourself
48:19-52:00 Should you buy a laser?
52:00-57:10 How do you know your limits
57:10-1:00:25 How do you learn something new?
1:00:25-1:04:28 You build it they will come or will they?
1:04:28-1:19:34 Always be willing to learn other process
1:19:34-1:23:18 Wrapping it up
1:23:18-1:24:24 Closing

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JD, Jimmy Diresta, Me, and Brother Moto

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How to TIG Weld Aluminum Part 3 – AC frequency settings

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