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TIG Repair of a Stainless Steel shaft

TIG Repair

Repairs like this stainless steel shaft ma not the most exciting work in the world but work like this definitely pays the bills.

Welding Tips for Tig, Mig, and Stick

Welding Tips

Have you ever been to Fabtech?
Its North Americas largest welding and fabrication show.

I am heading out the morning after I am writing this for 3 days of “total immersion” into the world of welding a fabrication…all under one roof.

Welding Distortion Tips for keeping stuff straight

Welding Distortion Tips

Welding Distortion is a complicated subject.

But one thing is certain…
understanding that weld metal shrinks as it cools is fundamental to understanding ways to prevent distortion.
this video addresses welding stainless steel square tubing and shows a technique for using weld sequence and direction of travel to keep things straight. read more

309 Tig rod for Welding Stainless to Carbon to A572 Steel

Welding Stainless

309 Tig rods are designed for welding stainless steels to carbon steels…but they are a good rod to have in your shop because 309 is a very versatile rod…good for welding pretty much any steel to any other steel in a pinch.
not necessarily the absolute best all around choice…and it shouldn’t be used indiscriminately…but 309 will usually get the job done. read more

TIG Welding Rod Rack, Speed Tacking, Chill Blocks, and a cool homemade tool

TIG Welding Rod

Speed tacking involves setting amperage to 30-50 percent higher than normal welding amperage. Then using a torch switch or foot pedal, use very quick blasts of half a second or less to fusion tack weld.
this makes for very quick tack welding that is clean and free from oxidation.

Aluminum Chill blocks are handy for pulling heat out of sheet metal parts. So worth the effort. read more

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