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7018 Vertical Uphill Lincoln vs Hobart

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Rocket Stove Welding Project

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New Website:



I’d like to thank you personally for being a subscriber to my videos and to this “vlog”. You guys are the best.

I thought I’d just make quick announcement that’s going to be very exciting for a lot of you…

I get questions all the time like, “What sort of welding machine should I buy?” or “Where can I get a bargain on gear?”

I can answer the first question sometimes based on the user’s needs, but I don’t usually have a great answer for the second question… Gear can be expensive.

Well, I’m pretty sure I’ve finally got a solution for people looking for a great deal on gear.

My team and I have created a new marketplace for new and used tools. This will be a place where anyone can post their tools for sale, buy tools at great prices, all with totally secure transactions.

It’s like eBay for fabricators. A welder’s dream site for getting gear.

And here’s the kicker – the fees for selling on this website are way lower than what you’d pay to sell on other marketplaces like eBay. In fact, we charge less than half.

We just need listings! If you’ve got a tool or two that you’d like to sell, and you’ve got a few minutes, head over to and create a listing today. It will be well worth your effort.

Thanks again and Go Knock It Out.

– Jody

Stick Welding Uphill with 7018 – 3F Vertical

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Tig and Stick Welding Garage Door Fix

I helped a friend fix his sagging garage doors.
They need a cable and turnbuckle because the door frames are not rigid enough to handle the weight without sagging.
Tig welded the brackets using er70s-6 rod at 160 amps.

But for welding the brackets to the door frames, I used 6011 stick welding rod and a lincoln 210 mp welder.

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