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Fabtech 2017 highlights

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Fabtech 2017 Highlights & Hoodies

I just got back home from FABTECH 2017 in Chicago. It was awesome. I came away more interested in welding than I’ve ever been, and I came away very inspired by the people I met. I took some video. I want to to show you some highlights of the FABTECH event. If you’ve never been before, what I hope happens is these clips will make you want to go to the next one. In 2018, it’s in Atlanta. Let’s check it out. read more

Furick Ceramic 12 Tig cup

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TIG Welding Practice on Lap Joints

TIG Welding Practice

Video Transcript:

TIG Welding Practice on Lap Joints

Today we’re TIG welding some carbon steel lap joints. Roughly .120 thick. That’s three millimeters thick. We’ll talk a little bit about filler metal size, gas lenses, and why the second side usually welds worse than the first side. Let’s get into it. read more

Lincoln Ranger and 7018

Lincoln Ranger

Video Transcripts:

Lincoln Ranger and 7018

I visited my friend, JD Brewer, the other day. He’s relocated right down the road from where he used to be, but it’s in a little bit bigger area with a nice, nice overhead crane. I’m gonna show you a little bit of that today. When I visited him, there was this hot job going on where he had to, by the end of the shift, get a security bar put on some shipping containers for a shop right down the road. They’d had a break-in the night before, stole a bunch of stuff. So I thought I’d bring you along, ’cause I thought it’s pretty interesting to see what you can whip together. No drawing, no sketch, just like, “Hey, get some bars on this thing so somebody doesn’t break into it again before we can get security cameras and a better lock on the gate.” Things like that. read more

7018 Vertical Uphill Lincoln vs Hobart


Video Transcript

7018 Vertical Uphill Lincoln vs Hobart

All right, you know, sometimes when I set out to film a video, I imagine this happens to everybody. You start off with an idea and then it kind of takes its own form and turns into something a little different. Today I started off wanting to compare Lincoln Excalibur 7018 to some Hobart 7018 I got from Tractor Supply. I wanted to do the comparison on vertical uphill lap joints, 1/4 inch thick metal. That’s roughly six millimeter thick metal. I’m using 332, that’s 2.4 millimeter 7018, and just stuff happened and it just turned into something a little different, but I think we can all learn something from it anyway. This is not a sponsored video. You’ll see that as I go along. All right? Let’s do it. read more

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