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Metabo vs Cutting Torch

This week's video was shot at my buddy JD's (Apex Fab) house. Building a trolley system to unload metal off of a delivery truck.

Welding Accessories for Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day! Today we're talking about good gift ideas, so you don't get a piano key neck tie.

Tig welding thin aluminum with a Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200

Taking a quick look at Lincoln's Square Wave TIG 200, so I'm gonna start with some thin steel and aluminum.

MIG Welding Using Co2 Gas – Lincoln Power MIG 210mp

Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP part 3. Using straight CO2 gas compared to 7525 Argon CO2.

Lincoln PowerMig 210 MP – TIG, MIG, Stick Demo

Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP part 2. Using it for lift arc TIG, a little Stick, and a little MIG

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