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I’d like to thank you personally for being a subscriber to my videos and to this “vlog”. You guys are the best.

I thought I’d just make quick announcement that’s going to be very exciting for a lot of you…

I get questions all the time like, “What sort of welding machine should I buy?” or “Where can I get a bargain on gear?” read more

WeldingTips&Tricks: 2014 YouTube DVD

Just released my 2014 DVD Set. This video shows some of the highlights from last year. 7 or so hours of welding to help you sharpen your skills. Thanks for helping me do what I do.

Welding Helmet Tips & Tricks

As the name implies, I'm reviewing all kinds of welding helmets this week.

TIG Welding Stainless Tubing

TIG Welding Stainless Tubing

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This week, we weld stainless tubing.

After talking about scratch start tig welding a few weeks ago, I thought I’d talk about how to weld stainless tubing…a 6g stanless tube test using the same crude scratch start tig setup. It’s a Lincoln 225 AC buzz box with a diy rectifier hooked up to a tig torch. But with a twist. read more

Air Compressor Belt Guard Welding Project

Welding Project

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In this weekly video, I am fabricating a belt guard for an air compressor.

Normally, I don’t sweat things if my air compressor goes out.

That’s because I have several electric grinders. 4 and 4 1/2″ 90 grinders, straight grinders, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Ryobi, Makita, and even a Harbor Freight straight grinder that will hurt you if you are not extra careful. read more

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