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Aluminum Awning Project – Part 2

Aluminum Awning

Below are some products that I don’t carry, but I use them in my videos and can vouch for their quality.


Lincoln Viking 3350 w/4C


Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 read more

TIG Welding Cast Aluminum: Follow-Up Q&A

Had a whole bunch of questions on last week's video, so here's Q&A with video for comprehensive answers.

Cast Aluminum Welding – Tips for Tig Welding Cast Aluminum

Welding Cast Aluminum

TIG welding Thick Aluminum with a TIG 175 from Lincoln

Thick Aluminum
I have a Lincoln TIG 175 square wave tig welder and wanted to see how it would hold up welding some one inch thick aluminum parts.

I mixed just a wee bit of helium in with the argon …and it got the job done.

Also at the end of this video, I talk about getting side jobs…and how I price the work. read more

TIG Welding Thin Aluminum

Welding some thin (1 mm thick) aluminum today. Gonna be using 2 machines one maxes out at 250 and the other at 400 hertz and comparing the results.

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