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WT&T Podcast Episode 77 – Wes Mishler

Our guest for this episode is Wes Mishler aka @Wicked_Welding on Instagram! Wes has been a friend of ours long before the podcast started but we had never heard his story of what got him into welding and what was the push he had to go out on his own.

WT&T Podcast Episode 69 – Brian Lambert

This week we talked to Brian Lambert @Rollingbombfab on instagram. He does amazing work. We discuss how get got into welding and how he got so good at it.

WT&T Podcast Episode 66 – Cast

Today we're talking about welding cast. We've all had both good and bad experiences with cast to share.

WT&T Podcast Episode 63 – Fabtech 2017

With Fabtech 2017 a week away we had to talk about it! Are you going? Is it your first time? Here's what to expect.

WT&T Podcast Episode 60 – Why We Enjoy Welding

We've all been welding for quite some time. What keeps us doing it? Why do we enjoy it? That and much more in this week's episode. Thanks for listening!

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