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MIG Welding, 7018 Stick, & Dual Shield Flux Core

7018 Stick

Video Transcript:

MIG Welding, 7018 Stick, & Dual Shield Flux Core

Today we’re doing a little short circuit MIG welding with C25 gas, some stick welding with 70-18 1/8th, and some dual shield flux core. All on one machine, the little 210 MP. As we go, we’ll talk a little bit about what this machine can’t do, what it can do. Some of the drawbacks. Some of the pros and cons. Let’s get into it. read more

Overhead Welding with 7018 and Dual Shield Flux Core

Dual Shield Flux Core

Below are some products that I don’t carry, but I use them in my videos and can vouch for their quality.


Lincoln Viking 3350 w/4C


Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 read more

4g overhead Dual Shield Flux core welding tips

Working with Andrew Cardin today on a whole bunch of tips for the 4G Overhead Flux test

115v Flux Core Tips

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