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Making Tig Rod Storage

Tig Rod Storage

While Qtys last, get a hog tee shirt and a tig finger for around 23 bones

My TIG rod situation had gotten out of hand so I made some TIG rod Storage out of PVC pipe.

I have more tig rods than the average welder. And I have lots of different kinds and sizes.

Along with the normal stuff that every welder needs like er70s2 for mild steel, er308L for stainless, er309L for dissimilar metals like stainless to carbon, 4043 aluminum, silicon bronze, and aluminum bronze for tig welding cast iron…
I also have a bunch of expensive welding rods like hastelloy W.
I made 8 holders and I need about 10 more. read more

Lift Arc Tig Welding on Socket Welds

Socket Welds
This video is intended to provide a bit of help for someone who needs help doing socket welds.

For the sake of making something useful out of the pipe and fittings, I am going to put together an industrial looking lamp for my son Joey.

Do you like the look of industrial furniture?  Does your Wife? read more

WeldingTips&Tricks: 2014 YouTube DVD

Just released my 2014 DVD Set. This video shows some of the highlights from last year. 7 or so hours of welding to help you sharpen your skills. Thanks for helping me do what I do.

Welding Art: Batman

Trying my hand at some welding art this week.

Welding Cart Project: Part 4

More progress on the cart. We're on the home stretch now.

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