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MIG Welding, 7018 Stick, & Dual Shield Flux Core

7018 Stick

Video Transcript:

MIG Welding, 7018 Stick, & Dual Shield Flux Core

Today we’re doing a little short circuit MIG welding with C25 gas, some stick welding with 70-18 1/8th, and some dual shield flux core. All on one machine, the little 210 MP. As we go, we’ll talk a little bit about what this machine can’t do, what it can do. Some of the drawbacks. Some of the pros and cons. Let’s get into it. read more

Welding Aluminum: MIG Spool Gun vs TIG

Welding Aluminum

Video Transcript

Welding Aluminum: MIG Spool Gun vs TIG

Hey. Jody here, with WeldingTipsandTricks.com. Last week’s video was part one of the aluminum awning build. We put together a lot of the structure in JD’s shop, all TIG welding with a 200 amp machine, full pedal for most of the welding. A lot of people ask why we didn’t use a spool gun. Why we didn’t MIG weld it. We certainly could have. Part two’s not ready yet. I want to wait until all the shots are finalized and the awning is hung in place where you can see the finished product. read more

Short Circuit Mig Welding Techniques

Short Circuit Mig

Video Transcript

Short Circuit MIG Welding Techniques

I’m practicing on my MIG welding technique, and in doing that, I’m trying to come up with a technique that gives a really good look, as well as gets good penetration. And I filmed some of it, and I cut and etched and polished and looked at it. And so I’m inviting you along for the ride. This is similar to some of the previous videos I’ve done. Hopefully, there’ll be some new things in here, and it’ll be interesting and entertaining. read more

Mig Welding Pipe Roots

Taking a little breather from the TIG Aluminum series. Today we're doing some MIG using a positioner that I grabbed off of ebay a few weeks ago.

Effects of Mig Welding Wire Speed Settings

Welding Wire Speed

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