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WeldingTips&Tricks: 2014 YouTube DVD

Just released my 2014 DVD Set. This video shows some of the highlights from last year. 7 or so hours of welding to help you sharpen your skills. Thanks for helping me do what I do.

Tig Welding Tips for Stainless Steel

In this job I weld some stainless steel rollers and show some tips like "wigglin'" the cup.

Stick Welding Stainless Tips

This one's short and it's about stainless steel stick welding using a J Motion technique.

6G Weld Test Tips – 309 Stainless TIG UA41 Weld Test

This week's video is all about putting a root pass on a 2 inch schedule 80 pipe using stainless steel 309 filler rod.

“Rule of 33” and the HTP Tig Welder

HTP Tig Welder

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Is the HTP brand Tig Welder any good?

What is the “rule of 33”?

Where should I use high speed pulse tig?

I have been welding with this HTP 221h welder for quite a while now and I like it. read more

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