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6011 Rods Downhill and Uphill Welding

Downhill and Uphill Welding

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Video Transcript

6011 Rods – Pros and Cons

Today I’m going to be doing a little stick welding with 6011 rods, and I’m going to be welding on AC. Let’s do it. I’ve got this little joint tacked up here. It’s two lap joints and two sides of a T joint. I’m going to weld all joints up in different positions with the 6011 rod. 6011’s very much like a 6010, a cousin of a 6010, except that you can use AC. You can’t run 6010 on AC. The good thing about 6011’s is a lot of newer inverters today, will not run a 6010, but they will run a 6011. I think it’s a very handy rod to have for when you’re in a pinch, when you’re called on to go make a weld somewhere, and they tell you, “We’ve got everything you need. Just bring your helmet.” You might do yourself a favor to bring along some 6011 in different diameters. read more

MIG Welding, 7018 Stick, & Dual Shield Flux Core

7018 Stick

Video Transcript:

MIG Welding, 7018 Stick, & Dual Shield Flux Core

Today we’re doing a little short circuit MIG welding with C25 gas, some stick welding with 70-18 1/8th, and some dual shield flux core. All on one machine, the little 210 MP. As we go, we’ll talk a little bit about what this machine can’t do, what it can do. Some of the drawbacks. Some of the pros and cons. Let’s get into it. read more

60ft Metal Rack – Dual Shield Flux Core

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Flux Core

Video Transcript:

60 ft Metal Rack – Dual Shield Flux Core

Just a few videos ago I talked to JD out back of his new location sitting on a gang box and asked him what kind of work he liked to do. You remember that? What’s your favorite kind of work?

JD: “Favorite kind of work is either big pipe or big mezzanine, just doing the bigger, heavier stuff. It just pays better too.” read more

Lincoln Ranger and 7018

Lincoln Ranger

Video Transcripts:

Lincoln Ranger and 7018

I visited my friend, JD Brewer, the other day. He’s relocated right down the road from where he used to be, but it’s in a little bit bigger area with a nice, nice overhead crane. I’m gonna show you a little bit of that today. When I visited him, there was this hot job going on where he had to, by the end of the shift, get a security bar put on some shipping containers for a shop right down the road. They’d had a break-in the night before, stole a bunch of stuff. So I thought I’d bring you along, ’cause I thought it’s pretty interesting to see what you can whip together. No drawing, no sketch, just like, “Hey, get some bars on this thing so somebody doesn’t break into it again before we can get security cameras and a better lock on the gate.” Things like that. read more

Stick Welding Lap Joints with 6013

Stick Welding Lap Joints

Video Transcript:

Stick Welding Lap Joints with 6013

Today we’re doing some lap joints using a 6013 rod, not my favorite rod, at all, made no secret about that over the years. I’m trying to keep an open mind, though. 40 years ago I welded with my first 6013 in welding school, for a couple of days, and then moved on to other rods and I haven’t had to touch it since, because after working about five different nuclear plants, a couple of paper mills, couple of fab shops, never saw the rod again after welding school. read more

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