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TIG Welding Practice on Lap Joints

TIG Welding Practice

Video Transcript:

TIG Welding Practice on Lap Joints

Today we’re TIG welding some carbon steel lap joints. Roughly .120 thick. That’s three millimeters thick. We’ll talk a little bit about filler metal size, gas lenses, and why the second side usually welds worse than the first side. Let’s get into it. read more

AHP Tig Welder using a welding Turntable

AHP Tig Welder

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This is some serious gravy work.
I have a lot of rounds parts to weld for a customer.

Any time I get round parts to weld, I prefer to use my turntable.

For this video, I am using an AHP alphatig 200x tig welder.
I bought my turntable off ebay several years ago and it is part of a welding lathe setup.
for this video, I am only using the positioner portion of the lathe but in future segments, i will set up the whole system with a tail stock and torch holder. read more

TIG Welding CArbon Steel parts and Black Oxide Coating Process

TIG Welding CArbon Steel

Parts used for tooling often require a black oxide finish.
After these parts were tig welded, they were bead blasted, and then coated with black oxide.
That begins with a boiling degreaser, then rinse water, then black oxide coating, then rinse again, and then a penetrating oil followed by an oven bake. read more

Scratch Start TIG

Going over the basics of hooking up a scratch start TIG to a DC stick welder.

Tig Welding hot rolled steel with ER70S2 and ER70S6

tig welding hot rolled steel

While tack welding some hot rolled steel test plates, I experimented with 2 different tig welding rods.


The differences between the 2 rods are subtle… but I did notice that when penetrating all the way thru where the back side of the puddle is exposed to oxides, the er70s6 performed a little better. read more

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