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Stainless Steel Tips – Part 2: Pulse Settings and Purge Tips

Pulse Settings

Video Transcript:

Stainless Steel Tips – Part 2: Pulse Settings and Purge Tips

This is a continuation of TIG welding stainless steel video. Okay, this is part two. I’m still TIG welding that stainless steel manifold. In this video I’m going to weld the threaded nipples on and I’m going to weld the end caps on. That brings me into welding with some pulse settings for those threaded nipples and some purging for the end caps because I can’t get backing on the inside of those and they need to be shielded somehow. I’m going to talk about purging and pulsing. We’ll do a little bit of plasma cam cutting for some brackets on this thing, should be a fun video. All right? Let’s dive in. read more

WeldingTips&Tricks: 2014 YouTube DVD

Just released my 2014 DVD Set. This video shows some of the highlights from last year. 7 or so hours of welding to help you sharpen your skills. Thanks for helping me do what I do.

Welding Cart Project: Part 2

The sequel to last week's video. In this one, I do some more work on the welding cart and show some really useful applications of the TIG Finger. Grab one at weldmongerstore.com

Welding Spoon

Went shopping at Harbor Freight and picked up some goodies.

Tig Welding Cast Iron to 409 Stainless Tubing

TIG welding a flange to 409 stainless tubing on AC with aluminum bronze. Watch to find out why...

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