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6011 Rods Downhill and Uphill Welding

Downhill and Uphill Welding

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WT&T Podcast Episode 61 – Building Your Business

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WT&T Podcast Episode 60 – Why We Enjoy Welding

We've all been welding for quite some time. What keeps us doing it? Why do we enjoy it? That and much more in this week's episode. Thanks for listening!

WT&T Podcast Episode 59 – Bosses

This week we talk about bosses we've had throughout our welding careers. You'll hear stories both good and bad spanning lots of years of welding.

TIG Welding Practice on Lap Joints

TIG Welding Practice

Video Transcript:

TIG Welding Practice on Lap Joints

Today we’re TIG welding some carbon steel lap joints. Roughly .120 thick. That’s three millimeters thick. We’ll talk a little bit about filler metal size, gas lenses, and why the second side usually welds worse than the first side. Let’s get into it. read more

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