Cut Polish and Etch Techniques for Testing Welds

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“The Aluminum Drill” Revisited

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Video Transcript

TIG Welding – “The Aluminum Drill” Revisited

In this video, I’m padding aluminum beads. It’s some of the best practice you can get. I call this the aluminum drill. I’ve done versions of this before. I never was happy with the way they came out, so this time, I put a lot of care into it, and I’m using a Furick clear number eight cup, so you can … it just kind of lights everything up. You can see everything a lot better, and that makes it more instructional, so let’s do it. read more

WT&T Episode 72 – New Years 2018!

Happy New Year Everyone! Thanks for listening to episode 72 of the Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast. With starting a new year we wanted to see what we've go planned for this coming year. It's always a great time to chat about your thoughts and ideas in the hopes that it will help bring them to life in the coming months

WT&T Podcast Episode 71 – 2017 Year in Review

A look back at 2017. Good times, good talks, fun interviews, and looking ahead to 2018

WT&T Podcast Episode 70 – Eric Plebani

For this episode we had a great time talking with Eric Plebani from Plebanibuilt. If you've been on Instagram looking at welding you've most likely seen Eric's custom welding hoods. Not speaking for everyone but we're sure we've all dreamed of a Boba Fett or Vader welding hood! Eric has made those come to life and makes us all jealous! We enjoyed hearing Eric's story of his racing past and what's to come with Plebanibuilt!

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