Mig Welding Aluminum with a Spool Gun

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 Do you Mig Weld using a Spool gun?  I am obviously not the expert on Mig Welding Aluminum.  So if you good at it….How about sharing some of your tips.

Lift Arc Tig Welding on Socket Welds

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This video is intended to provide a bit of help for someone who needs help doing socket welds.

For the sake of making something useful out of the pipe and fittings, I am going to put together an industrial looking lamp for my son Joey.

Do you like the look of industrial furniture?  Does your Wife?

TIG Welding Aluminum with Roy (Crummy) Crumrine

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Roy Crumrine (aka “crummy_welding” on instagram) is welding up some aluminum outside and inside corners today.

Roy and I are working on several other videos too….one of which is some type of cylinder and calls for 4643 filler wire. ( but the weld crown gets machined off)

More often than not I use 4043 aluminum tig wire…but I also keep some 5356 and 4047 on hand.

What type of Aluminum TIG rods do you keep on hand?

Mig Welding on Saturday – mig gases and weld symbols

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I had a rush Mig job on a Saturday and ran out of c25 (75argon/25co2) mig gas.
but I had plenty of straight Co2. So lets talk a bit about mig gases and maybe just a tad about weld symbols.

Here is the question of the day.
Do you like going to your local welding supply store? I dont. I ask questions like “hey do you have any inert gas check valves? whats the best flap disc for aluminum? do you have any of the new Maxal 4943 tig wire? ..they look at me like I have a horn coming out of my forehead.

How to Weld Aluminum Lap Joints


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