More Tips for Scratch Start Tig, Some Stick Welding, and a Tiny welder

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A few more tips for scratch start tig welding along with walking the cup, stick welding, and welding with a tiny welder.

Scratch start tig can be done using almost any old DC stick welder.
But there are also some very affordable inverter welders that also work very well and are much more portable.

I am trying one of those inverter units in this video so I needed to do some tig welding as well as some stick welding.

Scratch Start TIG

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Tig welding thin aluminum with a Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200

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Tig Welding hot rolled steel with ER70S2 and ER70S6

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While tack welding some hot rolled steel test plates, I experimented with 2 different tig welding rods.


the differences between the 2 rods are subtle…but I did notice that when penetrating all the way thru where the back side of the puddle is exposed to oxides, the er70s6 performed a little better

Uphill Stick Welding with 7018

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In Stick Welding, there is something called the CLAMS Acronym that helps to remember the essential things that go into a good weld.
Clams stands for:

Length of Arc
Angle of electrode
Manipulation of electrode
Speed of travel

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