Lincoln Powermig 210mp and Excalibur 7018 rods Multipass weld

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Using a Lincoln Power Mig 210mp to make multipass welds with 7018 Excalibur rods.

This machine will burn a 1/8″ (3.2mm) 7018 rod all day long.

…and at around 40 lbs.  thats pretty darn impressive for a machine that is primarily a Mig welder.

In this video, I go over  CLAMS for stick welding

CLAMS stands for …Current, Length of Arc, Angle of rod, Manipulation of the electrode, and Speed of travel

Its an easy way to remember those important fundamentals of Stick/Arc welding.

What about you? got any stick welding tips to share?

like your favorite rod, or tricks for restarts?

TIG welding Thick Aluminum with a TIG 175 from Lincoln

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I have a Lincoln TIG 175 square wave tig welder and wanted to see how it would hold up welding some one inch thick aluminum parts.

I mixed just a wee bit of helium in with the argon …and it got the job done.

Also at the end of this video, I talk about getting side jobs…and how I price the work.


Your thoughts?


Stick Welding Socket welds with 7018, Making a lamp

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This weekly video is about stick welding socket weld fittings, silicon bronze tig wire, and making a socket weld lamp.

Tips for welding around a small diameter round part .

I like to weld all the way around if possible to avoid restarts.

how about you?  got any tips for us?

TIG Welding Filler wire size tips and the Fupa12 cup

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This weekly video is about tips for selecting the right size filler rod for tig welding.  Also I am finishing up the testing on the fupa12 Tig cup from Michael Furick.

what is your “go to” filler rod size for most jobs?

Mig Welding Aluminum with a Spool Gun

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Do you Mig Weld using a Spool gun?  I am obviously not the expert on Mig Welding Aluminum.  So if you good at it….How about sharing some of your tips.

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