Quick Tips for Mig welding Uphill

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Quick Summary for mig welding lap joints and tee joints uphill

KYSS…Keep your stickout short. Stickout is the amount of wire sticking out between the contact tip and the arc… If you aim for about 3/8″ (9mm) stickout, you will probably have more stickout than you think.

Use a technique that helps keep the arc on the leading edge of the puddle. Both techniques shown in this video help keep the arc where it needs to be to get adequate penetration.

Set the voltage and wire speed high enough to get penetration into the root of the joint…but not so high that you cant control convexity.

In this video 19 volts and 280 ipm of .030″ (.8mm) wire worked out ok.

TIG Welding Stainless using both Walking the Cup and Freehand techniques


Walking the cup is a great way to tig weld pipe and other round stuff. But sometimes, there is other stuff in the way and its just not practical.

That’s when you have to prop your pinky or some other part of you hand against the part.
And then things start to warm up.

It sure is a lot easier to make a good weld when your fingers are not roasting.

And a Tig Finger sure does help.

What other people are saying about the Tig Finger

” If you do a lot of TIG welding you know that sometimes finding a good place to steady your torch hand is the hardest part of welding, many times dragging a finger is the only option, but that goes out the window when a part is hot, or you have to drag over what you have just welded, putting thick gloves on helps with the heat, but removes all dexterity and torch control. Not to mention having the leather fingers of your gloves go hard from the heat only to never be normal again.

Well this is your solution, slip this bad boy over the preferred finger and drag away, being made of woven glass, this thing resists heat like Ellen Degeneres resists …well, you know. Never again will you have to burn your finger to get those last few beads laid down.”

S. Stenton

“This product is the bomb…. full stop. Works for all types of welding. Never light up without one. Use it as a prop on your finger or just to rest the palm of your hand and scoot along. Can also double as a clamp pad so you don’t scratch up something you don’t want to. Couldn’t be happier with this.”

Jim Webb

“Very Very Very useful product. Allows more time to concentrate on the weld rather waiting to see how heat your hand can take. I purchased several it was worth every low penny. 10 thumbs up.”

Donald C. Cartier

“Got this at the same time as the Mag-Tab , Tried to mack one of my own , but one works so much better . Thanks
This too I had seeing on Tips & Tricks Welding.”

chris anderson

Mig Welding with low wire speed

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Using too low a wire speed can have a big effect on penetration. Not a problem on thin stuff or 11 ga outside corner joint but on a tee joint where more heat is needed, too low a wire speed can definitely result in lack of fusion.

I generally like to use about 10% less wire speed than what is listed on the wire speed charts on welders.
either that or I bump voltage up a bit.

how bout you?

An Interview with 2015 World Skills Welder Andrew Cardin

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Andrew Cardin won 5th place at the 2015 World Skills Competition.
Watch the video and learn how he trained and what he was up against.

TIG Welding Steel parts with and without pulse

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TIG welding some carbon steel oil filter housings at Roy Crumrine’s Shop.
One of the welds had a “no melt thru” requirement so some pulse settings along with aluminum backing helped.

Do you use pulse?

What settings work for you?

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