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WT&T Podcast Episode 32 – Ian Johnson

0:00-1:16 Introduction
1:17-3:00 Ian’s start
3:01-7:18 Lack of High School trade classes
7:19-9:32 Favorite type of work
9:33-13-:50 Welding with a camera crew
13:51-16:31 Where do you get your ideas?
16:32-19:12 What process do you use the most?
19:13-21:00 Blowing it apart
21:01-23:30 Notching tube
23:31-25:55 CNC capabilities
25:56-29:06 ESAB Crossbow
29:07-34:22 ESAB Rebel review
34:23-35:52 Investing in better tools
35:53-36:40 Not being color blind
36:41-39:25 Replacing the welder as technology improves
39:26-41:05 Your weld is your signature
41:06-44:00 4K
44:01-46:20 Deadline stress
46:21-47:36 Just have to pinch yourself
47:37-49:35 How Ian got on Xtreme Off Road
49:36-52:57 Just do it
52:58-54:13 The duck is the most peaceful…
54:14-57:06 The future of Xtreme
57:07-59:26 Instagram friends
59:27-1:01:23 The new hangout
1:01:24-1:04:45 CRAWL Magazine
1:04:46-1:08:37 FABTECH 2017
1:08:38-1:15:30 Hands on welding at FABTECH
1:15:31-1:21:05 VW Bug
1:21:06-1:21:52 Final thoughts
1:21:53-1:23:35 Closing

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ZTFab Cart build with JD

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WT&T Podcast Episode 31 – Mig Basics

0:00-0:45 Introduction
0:46-2:19 It’s out of control
2:20-5:49 MIG vs MAG vs GMAW
5:50-6:45 Language on weld tests
6:46-10:10 GMAW-S
10:11-11:44 Spray transfer uphill?
11:45-15:21 Transition point
15:22-16:40 Procedure handbook for welding
16:41-18:15 Manufacture provided setting range
18:16-22:31 Hobart 210MVP
22:32-24:04 Welding Tips & Tricks YouTube channel
24:05-24:58 Contact tip
24:59-28:20 CTWD (contact to work distance)
28:21-32:25 Flush contact tip to nozzle
32:26-36:00 Thin sheet metal
36:01-39:00 Smaller wire to melt easier
39:00-44:05 Adjust the wire speed or volts?
44:06-51:15 Wire speed up or down?
51:16- 52:15 Go for that sound weld first
52:16-54:55 Your signature
54:56-58:10 Jumping back and forth
58:11-1:00:13 Learn something new everyday
1:00:14-1:05:14 Shielding gas knowledge
1:05:15-1:06:50 Aluminum MIG welding
1:06:51-1:10:25 Gas flow
1:10:26-1:12:45 Just crack the valve!
1:12:46-1:19:11 More amperage, crank that wire
1:19:12-1:21:12 Amperage readout on machine
1:21:13-1:22:30 Try it yourself
1:22:31-1:25:26 Cut and etch
1:25:27-1:28:50 If a failure was my fault
1:28:51-1:30:00 Wrapping up
1:30:01-1:31:10 Closing

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WT&T Podcast Episode 30 – Chris McQuay

0:00-0:34 Introduction
0:34-4:00 Getting to know Chris
4:00-4:55 What They Do
4:55-7:51 Welding Inconel
7:51-8:15 Pac-Man
8:15-11:59 How Chris got started
11:59-13:35 Try Different Stuff
13:35-19:03 Red Seal Ticket
19:03-23:54 Consulting
23:54-28:32 Training Classes
28:32-36:45 Why Titanium
36:45-40:23 Why Inconel
40:23-41:26 Shop Cross Contamination
41:26-43:38 Shop Tables
43:38-45:14 Tools of the Trade
45:14-49:30 Cleaning prep on Titanium
49:30-50:49 Fitting
50:49-59:15 Purging
59:15-1:00:50 Purging Setup
1:00:50-1:02:14 Don’t be Cheap
1:02:14-1:10:20 Best Advise
1:10:20-1:19:40 Other Materials
1:19:40-1:23:02 Pulsing, Purging, and Testing
1:23:02-1:25:13 Cost of Purging
1:25:13-1:26:53 Name of Unobtainium Welding
1:26:53-1:31:31 Favorite Work
1:31:31-1:33:22 Worst Work
1:33:22-1:36:45 Check Customer Test
1:36:45-1:41:08 Outside of work fun
1:41:08-1:47:08 Gas Welding
1:47:08-1:59:37 Wrapping it up
1:59:37-2:01:19 Closing

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New Website:



I’d like to thank you personally for being a subscriber to my videos and to this “vlog”. You guys are the best.

I thought I’d just make quick announcement that’s going to be very exciting for a lot of you…

I get questions all the time like, “What sort of welding machine should I buy?” or “Where can I get a bargain on gear?”

I can answer the first question sometimes based on the user’s needs, but I don’t usually have a great answer for the second question… Gear can be expensive.

Well, I’m pretty sure I’ve finally got a solution for people looking for a great deal on gear.

My team and I have created a new marketplace for new and used tools. This will be a place where anyone can post their tools for sale, buy tools at great prices, all with totally secure transactions.

It’s like eBay for fabricators. A welder’s dream site for getting gear.

And here’s the kicker – the fees for selling on this website are way lower than what you’d pay to sell on other marketplaces like eBay. In fact, we charge less than half.

We just need listings! If you’ve got a tool or two that you’d like to sell, and you’ve got a few minutes, head over to and create a listing today. It will be well worth your effort.

Thanks again and Go Knock It Out.

– Jody

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