Miller Plasma Cutter – Part 2

Miller Plasma Cutter

A week or so ago, I did a video on using a Miller Plasma Cutter to make a metal sign.

This is Part 2.

A YouTube comment prompted me to talk more about the importance of air pressure, and air quality in making good cuts as well as prolonging the life of consumables.

The posted comment was about someone who purchased a Snap-on brand (probably made by Century) about 20-25 years ago.

The Snap-On plasma cutter was rated for 3/8″ but he had a hard time even cutting sheet metal… and consumables (both nozzle and electrode) wore out after a few minutes of cutting time.

Frustrated, the plasma cutter sat in a corner gathering dust for several years.

After doing some research, the owner tore into the unit and replaced the air pressure regulator with a higher pressure regulator. The OEM pressure regulator had a 60 psi limit.

He replaced it with a higher pressure regulator that would allow 120 psi and he also installed an in line dryer/filter.

More pressure, more flow, and cleaner air made the difference. He commented that the difference was like night and day.

Consumables lasted for hours instead of minutes, and now he could cut 3/8″ steel with no problem.

I am not suggesting that you go monkeying around with factory settings on a plasma cutter but the story does provide some food for thought as to what can occur if you don’t have adequate pressure and don’t have clean, dry air.

I installed a Miller brand inline filter for my Spectrum 625 Xtreme Miller Plasma Cutter, and so far so good. It cuts like a beast.

The pressure required for the spectrum 625 xtreme is 90-120 (says so right on the back) and if air pressure drops much below 90, it will not cut.

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  2. Look at all those Hobart welders>>> did you buy stock in Hobart or just get a really good deal… Love the videos and all the great tips and tricks… cant wait for the next video..


  3. Just a quick question. Using a plasma cutter for portable use, what kind of compressed gasses can be used out of a tank in place of a compressor? O2, CO2, Argon Nitrogen? …
    Which ones would you definitly not use? And why? How long do you think an 80 or 125cf tank would last,say at 100psi Thank you. Ed Oh.

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