Arc Welding Overhead with 7018 Rods

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Arc welding overhead with 7018 can reign down slag and fireballs in the most unfortunate places.

Especially when you are just learning.

I was young and dumb when I was learning to weld so I got lots of scars on my arms and other places while I was figuring out how to put the weld metal where it belonged instead of all over me.

I finally learned and so here are the main tips that make most of the difference.

Most welders I have trained have leaned toward decreasing the amperage for overhead welding.

Some text books even recommend less amps for arc welding overhead.

Not for me.

my best piece of advice for overhead welding and most other arc welding is to crank up the amps until the rod wont stick when you hold a tight arc.

Then…..hold a tight arc.

But there is one more thing that can make a lot of difference for overhead arc welding.

Rod angle.

Dont use much rod angle.

too much angle can cause a crowned weld.

instead, try to maintain a rod angle that is almost 90 degrees. Even trying to maintain 90 degrees you will typically have a 5 or 10 degree drag angle.

Thats what I have found works.

any tips from you?

Oh yeah….in this video , I used 100 amps for the 3/32″ excalibur 7018 rod and 140 amps for the 1/8″ 7018 Techniweld brand rods.

Amperage will vary with each different machine but that will get you in the ball park.

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  1. I have been welding overhead multipass lap joints in class and I have been getting undercut I hold a tight arc and have been trying different rod angles but I keep getting the undercut do you have any tips to eliminate it?

  2. well thank u very much it works a lot

  3. Not 5G but 4G we are talking plates not pipe from previous post that I sent.

  4. Hi Jodie,
    I am having a problem with the cap pass in the 5g position. I am using an E7018 1/8 electrode and when I use the weaving technique when traveling, one side builds up too much leaving the other side with a lot of concavity. I am welding on 2x 1” plates beveled at 22 ½” with a ¾” root opening and backing strip. Any suggestions?

    Thanks Les

  5. Cool video , when running 7018 1/8 in stick overhead on a piece of steel only 3/8 thick do yiu still run amps at 140? I’m a beginner and I was struggling on vertical and I’m doing overhead tomorrow, on vertical I was ruining 110 on 3/8 piece of metal , and I suck

  6. Thanks for the videos, they have helped a great deal.

    I am currently doing overhead butt welds with 5/32 7018 rods and for the most part I am doing fine in class, but once I get to a point where I am laying down 4 or more overlapping beads I start to get waves in the bead. My instructor was joking with me about roller coasters. So, I am usually gliding just over top of the puddle as I travel, when you say keep a tight arc are you saying that you should be making sure the rod tip is making more contact with surface I am welding on? I think my pressure may be too lite and this is causing me to float over some points in the bead and causes the lumps.

    I hope this helps explain my problem. Thanks for any advice you can provide.

  7. Thanks 4 this video, it useful I has learned alots, anyway thankyou very much

  8. hi jody
    thanks for another great video really enjoy watching and learning,
    i have one of your tig fingers and its great, but wondered have you ever thought about a glove in the same material as the tig finger.

  9. Ok, you got me. I started doing some research on the Everlast power supply (welder)..why hell, they’re made in China…c’mon! Does Harbor Freight carry them???

  10. I was wondering if you have noticed a difference in slag removal based on the time the LH rod has been out of the oven??

  11. sir,
    i liked it it is new for me that for over head welding increase in amperage thanks

  12. robert baldwin

    July 17, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    great vid this week jody heck they are all great…. hundred here in michigan today and i gotta put my leathers back on too sweat shop has new meaning to me now….

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