Tig Techniques (And Tig Finger Pimp!)

Tig Techniques

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This video shows several tig welding tips and techniques along with a heavy dose of Tig Fingers.

The Tig Finger really helps for every situation I showed it being used in this video. Its a quick way to prop near the weld without going to a lot of trouble.

Check out what customers are saying…

“i will admit i was a little leery about these tig fingers, but glad i went ahead and ordered. got three of them about a week or so ago. they work. what else can i say about them?”

“i love the tig finger it works awsome im in college getting ready to do my 6g on 8in schedule 80 and i will be using it like the down and dirty sticker that came with it looks good on my hood 100% worth the money

“I bought the three pack, still on the first one. I think I’ll lose one before I ever wear one out.”

“I bought through Jody’s site and they come in handy all the time. Great product! I gave one to a friend and working on getting the word out to all ..thanks Jody”

“15 bucks well spent, I use the tig finger allmost everyday,sometimes all day… Thank you Jody for the awesome videos..”

“I have a couple of these that I bought through his site and they come in handy all the time. Great product!”

“I bought three (and a t-shirt) and couldn’t be happier. I weld tubing and it slides really nicely on the surface of the tube. That helps reduce any jerky motions. Great product! And thank you to Jody for all of the fantastic videos and information! ”

“they don’t really wear out, unless you fray them on sharp edges all day, or you intentionally burn them on glowing hot metal. I have three and I have been using them many months on a daily basis.”

“I’ve used the crap out of mine, and I love it. Thanks for all of the helpful videos!”

“Jody, this is by far one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen for welding. I work with an aircraft maintenance company in Orlando, Florida, and that means A LOT of TIG! I’ve tried the old school trick of cutting a stick glove thumb and putting it on over my pinky… But with all of the aluminum and chrome moly, burns were inevitable and horribly painful. I bought a TIG finger a few months back around Christmas time. By far the best purchase I made in 2011, no more burns for this guy! Thanks so much Jody for all you do, any guy that takes time in his day to share his knowledge, and teach this trade is OK in my book. I wish you the best. ”

“had my TIG fingers delivered a couple o’ weeks ago, and really, they are great. Last week I had to weld a tricky steel frame with a couple of really nasty spots, and those fingers saved my behind. Without them and with only my gloves I would have had to pause every 30 seconds or so in the tight spots, with them I just went through the job like a hot knife through butter. Thanks a lot and keep welding.”

Greetings from Berlin, Germany


Mike on September 11, 2011 at 10:02 PM
“The tig finger is the best thing you can have for welding tubing in racecar chassis !! I have never seen anything work this well, no more hot fingers or bad welds trying to finish in a hot spot this is a great product well worth the money. Love the tips on alu. ”

Thanks ,
Mike @ Midwest

“This thing is much heavier and better built that I even imagined. This is not a piece of junk folks. This is quality product!! ”

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  1. Jody, what is the part number for that tig nozzel and cump i want to buy that one


  2. Great video. I have never had the opourtunity to do much TIG, mainly stick and all kinds of mig, bare and flux core. My step mom was a mig magician. She could do it in tight spots with a mirror and even after 25 years has a reputation amongst weldors in the nuclear construction field. I know if I ever do need to start tigging in my business I can get a great start watching your videos and even if I don’t I can see many uses I would have for the Tig Finger. You should be completely shameless about “pimping” it. It is a great product.

  3. please answer my question, i want to buy a tig welder that can weld stainless steel and aluninum. which model do you recoment? it’s only to use at home not for big business.


  4. why you never answer my question?

  5. Jody–your videos are nothing short of fantastic, this has got to take considerable time for you to produce, and I sure do appreciate it. I have learned a tremendous amount from you and I’ll be forever indebted. Thanks a million!

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