Welding Square Tubing

Welding Square Tubing
I have a friend named Douglas who will be TIG welding a chair project at the Lincoln Electric booth at Fabtech this year.

Doug has done lots of Mig projects on his youtube channel “Retroweld”.. But he hasn’t done much TIG at all.

So when he asked if he could come to JD’s shop and get just a few hours of TIG training, I needed to get really clear on exactly what he needed to learn.

Lincoln Electric is having a group of YouTubers make a table and chairs at their booth at Fabtech 2017.

Jimmy Diresta will be making the table, and Douglas and a few other makers..each with their own YouTube channels will each be making a chair to go with the table.(John Malecki, April Wilkerson, Zhfabrications, Retroweld, and Crafted)

Welding Square Tubing
Once I saw the type of chair Doug was going to make, I knew that there were basically only 2 types of weld joints he needed to practice so that is exactly what we did.

We only had time for the very most important things I thought would help him do a good job on his chair.

He could then go back to his own shop and practice.

And By the way, if you are going to Fabtech this year in Chicago, I would love to meet you and talk shop.

Its Nov 6-9 and as the date gets closer, I will let you know exactly where I will be hanging out.

It’s going to be a blast. and JD will be there too.